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Tax Services

Our Tax Professionals from Asia Pacific to provide taxation and accounting services in Australia and Hong Kong.

Lodging individual tax returns is necessary in both Australia and Hong Kong. Moreover, there are different deductions for different occupations, making this task confusing for individuals. Our team of tax professionals would provide specialized services and aim to minimize the tax expense for our clients.


Sole trading is the easiest and most convenient way to start up a new business, however filling in business tax return may be difficult for an entrepreneur. Our trained professionals are experienced in filling in tax returns so you do not have to worry about it, and you can focus on developing your business.


Forming partnership firms are common nowadays, but filling in tax returns may be complicated and time-consuming for you. Our experienced team strives to help you claim all available deductions and relieves your stress where you can focus on growing your business.


Bookkeeping is an essential part in a business where it records all the financial transactions. It sounds easy but it is time-consuming indeed. Our qualified accountants are experienced in bookkeeping where it allows you to track all sales and expenses easily. Additionally, this could greatly enhance your business efficiency.


Australian GST-registered businesses are required to submit BAS one to twelve times per year depending on their business size. BAS is also personalized for every company and its information may also be used for other tax returns. Our tax experts would help you file all BAS to reduce your workload.


Trust is an asset protection entity which also brings a lot of tax benefits. It is basically a fiduciary/trust arrangement that allows a third entity to hold the assets for the beneficiaries. Nonetheless, few people utilize the use of a trust. Hence, our experts can help you form a company or a trust depending on your need.


An Australian Business Number and a Tax File Number are required to start a business in Australia. Businesses must apply for Goods and Service Tax if they sell goods or provide services with GST. Our team provides one-stop service for our customers to facilitates their business start-up process.


Many firms struggle with tax and financial issues in their business but are shy to seek help from professionals. Our team believes in maintaining close relationship and build trust with our clients. Thus, we provide one-on-one consulting sessions and give valuable and specific suggestions that optimizes the profit of your business.


We are network firm with Hong Kong Taxation Firm with team of professionals in Hong Kong. 

Leveraging the professional taxation network in Asia Pacific Region, we can provide comprehensive taxation services.


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Recently, getting into Hong Kong market is popular because of its low tax rate and the diversified and dynamic atmosphere. Our tax and financial professionals can help you tackle all taxation issues and could give you useful and specialized tax advice and even help you build up a company in Hong Kong step-by-step.

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