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Company &
Trust Formation

Trust is an asset protection entity which also brings a lot of tax benefits. It is basically a fiduciary/trust arrangement that allows a third entity to hold the assets for the beneficiary (ies). The parties to a trust include trustee, beneficiary, settler & appointer (if applicable). Trustee is the person who is in charge of the trust property which could be cash, property or any asset and there could be one of more trustees. Beneficiaries is the ones who is entitled to receive a benefit from the trust either capital or income.


There are many different trust structures. Three common types of trusts include: Unit Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, and Hybrid Trusts. Different trusts provide different benefits. Thus, tax returns of a trust will vary depending on the type of trust and on the amount of recordkeeping, compliance and bookkeeping required. Moreover, the business or investment activity determines the benefits associated with forming and running the activity through a trust structure.


CK Tax And Financial is a group of experienced accounting professionals from both Hong Kong and Australia. We can help you form new companies and new trusts. Hence, we will provide suitable advice and do regular follow-up on your case. Therefore, you can easily enjoy all benefits through forming a new company or a new trust.

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