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Individual Tax Returns

Lodging individual tax returns is necessary in both Australia and Hong Kong. Moreover, there are different deductions and allowances for every individual. Especially in Australia, different occupations have different deductions, for instance, nurses could claim expenses for training courses and laundry expenses. Australian Defence Force (ADF) can claim deductions for protective clothing and uniforms. This causes filling in tax returns difficult and confusing for ordinary citizens.


CK Tax And Financial is a group of experienced professionals, expertise in providing all types of tax return services including lodging individual tax returns for people working in different areas in Australia and Hong Kong. Our team will help you distinguish all deductible expenses and save your money.

Once we are working with your tax return, you can rest assure that you are getting all suitable deductions claimed. Before lodging any tax return, we will compare, confirm, and update every data to provide you with more accurate results to avoid penalties. We will provide you with highly professional and specialized services to reduce your stress and allow you having more time to pursue your interests.

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